Pastoral Staff


The Pastoral Staff is a group of people who are involved in religious ministry on a day-to-day basis. It is composed of priests, deacons, and laity engaged in pastoral work. The staff comes together, utilizing their own area of expertise in exercising their responsibility to the total parish. Through frequent meetings, shared work and prayer, members of the staff develop relationships with one another and with parishioners that are most conducive to fostering growth of the parish community.

The Pastoral Staff is to be of direct service to the Pastoral Council as a resource and to provide assistance whenever necessary to facilitate planning.


Scott Huggins

630-416-3325 ext 6344


Gerard Erickson

630-416-3325 ext 6435


Bob Larkin

630-416-3325 ext 6437


Scott Pace

630-416-3325 ext 6407


John Ripoll

630-416-3325 ext 6438


Tom Ross

630-416-3325 ext 6406

Business Manager

Kathleen McGowan


Director of Religious Education (Elementary)

Peggy Idstein

630-416-1992 ext 6352

Director of Religious Education (Jr. High & High School)

Michael Bannon

630-416-1992 ext 6353

Music Directors

Allen & Patti Stock