Upcoming Events and Info


Mass at St. Elizabeth Seton

Saturday:  5:00pm
Sunday:  8:30am ~ 10:00am ~ 11:30am

PLEASE NOTE:  Section A is reserved for those who are more comfortable
wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.


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Weekly Bulletins are available online at https://www.sesnaperville.org/55


Summer Hours

The Parish Office and Faith Formation Office will close at 12:00 pm on Fridays
from May 27 through September 2. 
The Parish Office will be open Monday-Thursday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.
The Faith Formation Office will be open Monday-Thursday from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Pastoral Care Minister Training

Open invitation to parishioners interested in joining our volunteer team of Pastoral Care Ministers at Edward Hospital. In this ministry, you will visit with patients at Edward Hospital and distribute the Holy Eucharist. Commitment is approximately once a month on Wednesdays. Training will be held at SES on Wednesday, May 25 at 6:00pm. For more information, please contact Judy O'Reilly at 630.880.3033 or joreilly1211@outlook.com.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 30 - 8:15am Mass
Parish Offices Closed

Extraordinary Minister Training

Open invitation to parishioners interested in becoming an Extraordinary Minister.  In this ministry, you will be able to distribute the Holy Eucharistic to the members of our church.  It is such a rewarding ministry.  The training will be held on Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00pm.Ministers must be confirmed, 16 years of age, practicing Catholics and in good standing with the Catholic Church. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Connie Murphy at 630-746-6785 or connieflipflops7@gmail.com

Garden Club

The SES Garden Club invites parishioners of all ages to join in keeping the garden areas of our parish looking glorious throughout the year, from spring through fall. We maintain the Statue Entrance Garden, the front two Islands, both Sidewalk areas, the Slope from the west entrance to the patio and, of course, the Butterfly Garden.  It will soon be time to begin weeding dandelions and thistle from these areas, as well as maintaining the defined edges. We typically meet on Saturday mornings from 8-10am, but weekdays and evenings are a possibility too. Please consider making time for enjoying God’s green earth and enhancing the outdoor beauty of our own church. Contact Connie Steinhoff at630-853-3201 or steinhoff.connie3@gmail.com.


New cards have been added to our walk-up list - Menards $25 & $100 and Walgreens $25 & $100. Cards will be available on the Second weekend of the month (June 11-12), before and after the 5:00, 8:30 & 10:00 Masses and before the 11:30 Mass. Cards can be ordered by e-mail at SHOP-SES2011@Comcast.net or by calling the parish office (630) 416-3325. Cards can then be picked up at the parish office during regular office hours. Our list of immediately available and pre-order cards is on the parish website. Check the parish website https://www.sesnaperville.org under the ABOUT US tab and SHOP-SES.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is back at St. Elizabeth Seton! 
June 13-17 from 9 am to noon 

Children entering kindergarten through 5th grade, in the fall, are invited to participate in VBS.  The cost is $30 per child.  Students entering 6th grade and up are invited to be on the VBS Leadership Team.  We also are looking for enthusiastic adult leaders. Please contact Jacqueline Skelly at 630-416-1992. Please complete the fillable PDF forms to be a Participant or Volunteer, save them to your computer and email them to sesyouthministry@gmail.com.  Payments can be made on WeShare, or by cash or check.  Your child will be registered once payment is received.  There is no fee for our student leaders.  Space is limited for both  participants and leaders so register TODAY for the BEST WEEK OF THE SUMMER!

Father’s Day Novena of Masses

We will be celebrating a Novena of Masses (Nine Masses) at St. Elizabeth Seton beginning on Father’s Day to be offered for all the Men, living and deceased who have touched us in some way, and whom we want to remember with a series of Masses. For those who have lost Fathers and Grandfathers, it is especially fitting to remember them in this fashion since we cannot each have a Mass intention on Father’s Day and the week following.  Please be thinking of the names you would want included on the altar for those Masses. This is the same type of Novena of Masses we did for Mother’s Day. But this time we remember those men both living and deceased. Please be prepared to give us the names of those men from your lives whom you would like remembered.



Need someone to pray for you or someone you love – today? A means by which we can ask others to pray for us is now available.

  • Go to: www.NeedYouRightNow.com and submit your prayer request.  Any request for those in need.
  • Now we need Peaceful Prayer Champions to make it happen.
  • There are a lot of people in need!  What can you do?  Become a Peaceful Prayer Champion!
  • It is easy to do…just provide your name, e-mail address or cellphone number to Deacon Gerard. 
  • Each time someone goes to www.NeedYouRightNow.com and makes a prayer request, our Peaceful Prayer Champions will receive a message with the name of the person who is in need of prayer.
  • We ask that our Peaceful Prayer Champions say a prayer right at that moment for the person in need.

That’s it.  That simple.  We care for one another.  We care about one another. 
We pray for one another.


As stewards of this world, we strive to protect God's creation; one of the ways we do this is by monitoring our purchases, taking care to choose items that cause the least harm and result in the most good. To help us find such products, we've partnered with SERRV, an organization that fights global poverty through fair and ethical trade, encourages sustainable practices, and supports community since 1949. We've created a custom link for our parish; you'll know you've reached the right site if you see an orange banner across the top with the message: “20% of your order today will be donated to SERRV International.” When you buy through SERRV, your purchase directly helps the artisan plus continues the good work of SERRV. Our custom link for St. Elizabeth Seton is: serrv.org?a=SESNaper. Please take some time, and consider shopping through it!

SES/St. Vincent de Paul Update

Have you noticed a new blue “box” on the East side of our SES Campus?  It may look like an over-sized mailbox but in fact, it’s our new-to-the-parish SVDP Dropbox where you may deposit those bags of clothing you’ve been saving for the Clothing Drive Trucks. Just bring those closed bags and deposit inside the levered opening….it’s that easy! Just a couple of etiquette rules to keep in mind:

  • Any donation must be able to fit into the levered opening. Nothing may be left outside or on top of the dropbox.
  • No large furniture may be brought to the dropbox site – please call SVdP to arrange a pickup from your garage. 
  • If the box is full, please save until the following week, since the dropbox will be emptied weekly.
  • No tax receipts will be available at the dropbox, but you may list your donatables and add to the receipt during the truck drives.

Questions? Please email: jeanekloepper@gmail.com
Thanks so much for the support you’ve always shown to SVDP!!

Email Phishing

PLEASE IGNORE any email messages from Father Scott Huggins or any of the deacons or staff from St. Elizabeth Seton that are asking for a favor, asking you to call a number or asking you to buy gift certificates.  These emails are scams! We have been notified that some of our parishioners are receiving these emails and want to assure all of you that no one from St. Elizabeth Seton is sending them directly. Please do not respond or call the number within the email.

Help Us Update Our Records!

If you have an adult child who no longer attends St. Elizabeth Seton because they are married or have moved from your home, please let us know so we can update your family records.  It is important for us to maintain accurate membership counts for our census report to the Diocese.  Please reply to this email, send an email to stelizabethseton@gmail.com or contact the Parish Office at 630-416-3325 to let us know!

Emergency Preparedness Brochure

Emergency Preparedness Video

Has Your Phone Number Changed?

Many households are disconnecting their landlines and using their cell phones as their primary form of contact.  In order to keep our database and phone directory up to date, we need to know if your contact information has changed. If you no longer have a landline, do you want your cell phone number to be used as the primary contact?  Do you wanted it published in the annual phone directory? Please contact the Parish Office at 630-416-3325 or email stelizabethseton@gmail.com to let us know!

St Vincent de Paul is here to help.
Call confidentially 630-416-3325 x6409



Please contact the Parish Office or see the weekly bulletin to get more information on these upcoming events.