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From the Office of the Bishop


Bishop Pates Statement regarding Coronavirus 

Please see the attached letter dated March 19 from Bishop Pates.  
In accordance with this, SES has cancelled Daily and Weekend Masses until further notice effective immediately.  

Bishop Pates, Apostolic Administrator, will Celebrate Mass live at the Cathedral of Saint Raymond daily at 11:30am.  


SES Virtual Parishhttps://www.sespastor.org/


Communication from St. Elizabeth Seton:

Our Church was Never a Building - March 31, 2020


All Parish Offices will be closed until further notice.
During this time, if you need to contact the Parish, please email stelizabethseton@gmail.com which will be checked regularly.

Thank you to those who have been mailing in their donations! Please remember that the majority of our donations are given at weekend Masses. The Parish still needs to operate by keeping the facility running, paying the staff and responding to the community’s needs for assistance. You can continue to donate by mailing your check to the Parish Office (2220 Lisson Rd., Naperville, IL 60565) or by giving online at https://sesnaperville.churchgiving.com/. We are grateful for your continued generosity.


Letter from Fr. Scott Huggins

Dear SES Parish Family,

It is rather shocking to see how drastic and widespread the many steps governments and societies are taking to stop the spread of COVID-19.  The fear seems to stem from the unknown factors about the risks this new virus poses, and not understanding completely the long-term impact it will have on a person’s health.  We do know certain groups are at a greater risk than others, and therefore, I think the hope is that all of us will do our part to help prevent the spread of this illness.  It is for this reason that our liturgical celebrations are canceled until further notice.

Large gatherings are part of the equation, but they are not the only part of the equation.  We need to encourage people to avoid unnecessary travel outside the home.   Recent studies have found that the greatest risk of spreading the virus is from person to person contact.  Thus, large gatherings of people offer the greatest risk for new infections to occur.  However, studies have also found that COVID-19 can live for minutes, hours, and even days on certain surfaces.  If we have an environment that is not regularly being disinfected properly to kill the virus on surrounding surfaces, and that space, over time, receives many people, then the threat of spreading the virus has again increased. 

Governments are limiting gatherings and canceling school days, asking employers to allow employees to work at home, and taking other drastic measures in the hope to keep people safe, but more so, I think it is an effort to keep people home and in a more controlled and healthier environment.  This is only for a limited time when the threat of a possible uncontrollable spread of the virus is at its greatest.   I encourage all of you to maintain healthy choices that will both keep you and your family healthy, and also help to minimize the spread of this virus.  Following government guidelines and timeframes, we will suspend/postpone all activities at St. Elizabeth Seton until further notice including the following:

  • Weekend Masses
  • Daily Masses – including Daily Rosary, St. Joseph Prayers, St. Peregrine/St. Dymphna Prayers and St. Monica Intercessory
  • All Student Faith Formation classes and activities
  • Confessions (Saturdays)
  • Perpetual Adoration Chapel 
  • Confirmation (Sunday, March 22)
  • Stations of the Cross (March 27 and April 3)
  • Lenten Reconciliation (March 31)
  • Stations of the Cross for the Healing (Friday, April 3)
  • First Communion (May 2 and May 3)
  • Pastoral Care Ministers Visits (Homebound, Hospital and Senior Living)
  • All Meetings and prayer groups

We will continue to provide updates via email and on the main page of our website as they become available. Please see the most recent statement from Bishop Pates dated March 19, 2020 above. Based on this statement, it is unlikely that we will be able to come together and celebrate as a community for a while.  That being said, I have created a virtual parish website which will be in a constant flow of development to virtually gather us as a community. To stay connected as a Parish family, I invite you to go to our virtual parish website at www.sespastor.org which is my opportunity to share and pray with you.   

We are in uncertain and rapidly evolving times. Please join me in prayer for all affected by this pandemic.                                                                                    










As the pastor of St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, I welcome you to our parish website and invite you to explore all we have to offer as a faith community. We have made every attempt to make our website user-friendly in order to answer any questions you may have. 

We strive to create a loving environment in which people feel welcome to participate and worship. I hope that you will find this to be a friendly and loving community.

St. Elizabeth Seton Parish believes in Stewardship! We strive to recognize that everything we have is a gift from God. All we have falls into three categories, time, talent, and treasure. These gifts of time, talent, and treasure, are to be gratefully received, shared generously, and returned to God with praise. Each of us has much to offer, and I ask you to consider volunteering your time and talent for one of our many ministries.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Scott Huggins


St. Elizabeth Seton

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